Seminary as Teaching Apostolate

"The seminary as apostolate: Reflecting upon practices of teaching in seminaries who have as their central vision equipping people for mission in the North American context"

Mary Hess
Luther Seminary
St. Paul, MN

The four seminaries involved in this project have instituted major changes in their curricula over the past several years in response to the changing context of the church in North America.

The primary shift has been to identify the North American context as a mission field into which God is calling the church, and thus to envision ourselves as preparing disciples to equip Christian communities in living out the “missio Dei” in the world.

This shift has – of necessity – prompted a great deal of curriculum innovation which, in turn, opens up room for reflection upon the actual practices of teaching and learning taking place in each seminary.

Primary Project Goals

  1. Create a learning environment in which faculty members from several seminaries who are committed to understanding their role as one of “supporting an apostolate” can reflect together on their teaching practices in pursuit of that mission;
  2. Further identify and reflect upon the “seminary as apostolate” as it emerges within teaching practices;
  3. Gather and make available course materials, case studies, and other teaching resources developed by these seminaries that instantiate their vision of the seminary as apostolate, as well as support reflection upon teaching in that context; and,
  4. Support faculty members at these institutions in developing a habit of reflective practice in relation to their teaching.

Grant Project Narrative

Read the Wabash Grant Project Narrative for Seminary as Teaching Apostolate.

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