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Photo of Craig KoesterCraig R. Koester
Asher O. and Carrie Nasby Professor of New Testament
2481 Como Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
(651) 641-3265             Office: GH201
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  Apocalypse: Controversies and Meaning in Western HistoryApocalypse

  A Great Courses Release available on CD or DVD

 Exiled to the island of Patmos over 1,900 years ago, a prophet named John wrote a  remarkable letter to fellow Christians. That letter is the Apocalypse of John, also known as the book of Revelation, and Christians and non-Christians alike have been debating its message ever since.

Selected Publications




A major commentary in the Anchor Yale Bible series. Yale University Press (forthcoming 2014).

This volume introduces readers to the history of interpretation and influence that has shaped the interpretation of the book. It sketches out a multifaceted social setting for Revelation, and highlights the book’s literary and rhetorical features. A central aspect of the book is its attention to Revelation’s theological dimensions, which depict the conflict between the Creator and the destroyers, the Lamb and the beast, and Babylon and New Jerusalem. There is a wealth of material from inscriptions and papyri, ancient artwork, and Jewish and Greco-Roman sources. By engaging with a wide range of scholarship, ranging from the early church to the present, the commentary opens up one of the most intriguing and disputed books in the Bible.


The Word of Life: A Theology of John's Gospel

This accessible, engaging work explores the major theological dimensions of John’s Gospel, including God, the world and its people, Jesus, the crucifixion and resurrection, the Spirit, faith, and discipleship.

The introduction provides a succinct overview of the Gospel and shows how disputes about John’s theology throughout history have significantly shaped the church and wider society. In the course of this discussion, such expressions as being “born again” and Jesus as “the way” — which evoke both interest and uneasiness today — become much clearer in the context of the Gospel as a whole.

  Wm. B. Eerdmans
  Fall 2008


Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel
is a study of the imagery and theology of the Gospel of John.

2nd edition, Fortress Press,
Spring 2003

Revelation Book Cover Revelation and the End of All Things

Revelation and the End of All Things is a highly readable guide to Revelation that engages the questions people most often ask about this difficult book in the Bible. Craig Koester ably takes readers through the entire book of Revelation, drawing on the best of recent scholarship while also giving attention to questions arising from events like the siege at Waco, the phenomenal sales of books in the Left Behind series, and the use of Revelation in hymnody and art.

Wm. B. Eerdmans
Spring 2001
Hebrews thumbnail Hebrews
in the Anchor Bible Commentary series 
A major study of the book of Hebrews.

Doubleday, Spring 2001.


"C. H. Dodd and Rudolf Bultmann on History, the Jesus Tradition, and the Fourth Gospel." In The Gospel of John and the Jesus of History: Engaging with C. H. Dodd on the Fourth Gospel. Edited by Tom Thatcher and Catrin Williams. Cambridge: Cambridge University, forthcoming 2013.

"Theological Complexity and the Characterization of Nicodemus in the Gospel of John." Pages 163-79 in Characters and Characterization in John's Gospel. Edited by Christopher Skinner. Library of New Testament Studies. London: T&T Clark, forthcoming 2013.

"Hebrews, Rhetoric, and the Future of Humanity." In Reading the Epistle to the Hebrews: A Resource for Students. Edited by Eric F. Mason and Kevin B. McCruden. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2011.



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The Narrative Lectionary is a four-year cycle of readings. On the Sundays from September through May each year the texts follow the sweep of the biblical story, from Creation through the early Christian church.


Mosaic Journeys of Paul Web Tour
Paul's life and writings show how the gospel addressed people in cities throughout the ancient world. This web tour, designed by Craig Koester, enables modern readers to follow the routes traveled by Paul and to connect Paul's message with the contexts in which he worked.  
Goddess image Cities of Revelation Web Tour
The book of Revelation, like the letters of Paul, speaks to Christians contending with issues in the places where they live. The opening chapters of Revelation tell us about Christians in seven different cities. This web tour, designed by Craig Koester, is a vivid way to learn more about the situation of the book's first readers. 



NT3211 Gospel and Epistles of John  

Genesis to Revelation

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NT2211 Pauline Tradition: Galatians and 1 Corinthians  
NT6225 Book of Revelation


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B.A. St. Olaf College College
Northfield, MN
M.Div. Luther Theological Seminary
St. Paul, MN
Ph.D. Union Theological Seminary
New York, NY





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