Stoning of Stephen Antioch in Syria

Road to Damascus



As Paul was going to Damascus to persecute Christians he saw light from heaven and heard the risen Christ. Blinded, he was taken to the city where he was healed by a Christian named Ananias and was baptized. Some Jews in Damascus plotted to kill Paul, but he was let down over the city wall in a basket. He went to Jerusalem and then to Tarsus, his birthplace. 

Context: Damascus was the leading city of ancient Syria. Located along ancient trade routes, its ample water supply made it important for commerce and agriculture. In the first century, Damascus was under Roman rule, but at the time of Paul's conversion it was apparently governed by a local king named Aretas (2 Cor 11:32). There was a large Jewish community in Damascus. The Jewish Christians like Ananias whom Paul sought to persecute would have been associated with the synagogues in Damascus.

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