OT1110 -- Pentateuch


Fall Semester, 2006-2007

T. Fretheim, Instructor



I.       Purpose of the Course

An examination of the story of the people of God in the first five books of the Old Testament. Consideration is given to specific texts and themes and the interpretation of these materials for ministry settings.  Pertinent methodologies and socio-historical materials are employed to discipline the interpretive process.


II.    Objectives

A.     Come to know the flow of thought and the basic content of the Pentateuch.

B.     Become especially knowledgeable with respect to several classic texts in the Pentateuch (for example, Genesis 1-3; 15; 22).

C.     Become critically aware of the various approaches which have been used in interpreting Pentateuchal texts and begin to shape your own interpretive strategies.

D.     Increase appreciation of the value of the Pentateuch for your faith, life, and theological reflection.

E.      Begin to discern some of the basic problems and possibilities of working with Pentateuchal texts in teaching and preaching.


III.    Books Required

A.     Walter Brueggemann, Genesis: A Bible Commentary for Preaching and Teaching.  John Knox Press, 1982.

B.     Terence Fretheim, Exodus, A Bible Commentary for Preaching and Teaching, Westminster/John Knox Press, 1991.

C.     Terence Fretheim, The Pentateuch, Abingdon Press, 1996.

D.     Thomas W. Mann, The Book of the Torah: The Narrative Identity of the Pentateuch.  John Knox Press, 1988.

E.      Choose one: Patrick Miller, Deuteronomy: A Bible Commentary for Preaching and Teaching, Westminster/John Knox Press, 1990  OR  Walter Brueggemann, Deuteronomy, Abingdon Press, 2001

F.      Bible (NRSV or other standard translation). Bring to each class.

G.     Selected articles and book chapters (noted below) -- xeroxed (on desk reserve in the library).


IV.    Books Recommended/Required Readings

Carol A. Newsom & Sharon Ringe, The Women's Bible Commentary, Westminster/John Knox Press, 1992. Expanded Edition, 1998.

See attached bibliography.



V.     Course Procedures

Lecture Hours:     Tuesday       4:00 – 5:00 pm

                           Thursday      4:00 – 6:00 pm

The basic course structure consists of presentations by the instructor and discussions of lecture materials and readings as assigned below.  There are readings from the Pentateuch itself every week; read the text along with notes such as the Oxford Annotated Study Bible or, better, the Harper Collins Study Bible.  Students are expected to be present and prepared.


VI.    Requirements


1.   Writing Assignments

A.     Responses to Secondary Readings

A 1-page response to your secondary (non-Bible) reading (see chart) is to be submitted for three weeks during the semester; the first shall be submitted by Sept 21st, the 2nd by Nov. 2nd, the 3rd by Dec. 7th. Each response is to consist of two sections: (1) Insight(s) gained; (2) Questions raised. These should be focused on interpretive and theological matters, not factual data.  Total: three papers.

B.      Responses to specific biblical texts

A 2-3 page response to five biblical texts (see chart).  Each response shall consist of:  (1) A personal question raised by the text; (2) Some reflections on that question, staying close to the text throughout. Everyone shall have read the pertinent sections of the required texts.  Total: five papers.


2.   Reading
To be completed by the end of the week in which it is listed.


3.   Final Examination

A.     Identification (being able to know your way around the Pentateuch);

B.      Short answer (Bible, lectures, readings);

C.     You will be given one of these texts to comment on:
Genesis 12:10-20 (cf. Gen 20:1-18; 26:6-11)
Exodus 18:13-27
(an outline will be given in advance).


VII.     Grading


            Based on papers (70%) and final examination (30%).


VIII.    Office Hours


            Tuesday  3:00 p.m.– 4:00 p.m.  (or by appointment) -- BH 106

            Phone Numbers - Office:  651-641-3247

            email:  tfrethei@luthersem.edu

            FAX:  651-641-3354


IX.       Weekly Assignments






Week 1




Tuesday, Sept 12

Thursday, Sept 14

Introductory Issues


Genesis 1-11

Newsom and Ringe, xvii-9


Week 2




Tuesday, Sept 19

Thursday, Sept 21



Mann, Torah, 1-9

Fretheim, Pentateuch,

Brueggemann, Genesis,


Week 3




Tuesday, Sept 26

Thursday, Sept 28



Fretheim, 39-63

Mann, 10-29

J.M. Miller, “Introduction to the History of Ancient Israel” in New Interpreter’s Bible, Vol. I, pp. 244-271


Week 4




Tuesday, Oct 3

Thursday, Oct 5

No Class

Fall and Aftermath

Newsom and Ringe, 13-18

Brueggemann, 22-88

P. Trible, “Depatriarchalizing in Biblical Interpretation” or God and Rhetoric of Sexuality, pp. 72-143.

Fretheim, 67-84


Week 5




Tuesday, Oct 10

Thursday, Oct 12

Fall and Aftermath

Fall and Aftermath


Genesis 12-25

Fretheim, 84-100

Brueggemann, 105-125,
  162-177, 185-194

Mann, 29-50

Genesis 3:14-19

(due: Oct 10th)

Week 6




Tuesday, Oct 17
Thursday, Oct 19

Abraham, Sarah, Hagar

Sodom and Gomorrah


Genesis 26-36
Mann, 51-66



Week 7




Tuesday, Oct 24

Thursday, Oct 26

Reading Day

Abraham & Isaac



Brueggemann, 204-221, 241-248, 260-274
Newsom and Ringe, 18-29


Genesis 22:1-19

(due: Oct 26th)

Week 8




Tuesday, Oct 31

Thursday, Nov 2

Jacob and Esau


Dinah and Tamar


Genesis 37-50

Brueggemann, 288-298

Mann, 66-77


Week 9




Tuesday, Nov 7

Thursday, Nov 9

Moses and Pharaoh

Plagues, Passover and Sea Crossing

Exodus 1-18

Mann, 78-98

Fretheim, Exodus, 1-22,
   31-41, 46-67, 96-112,
   152-176, 195-200

Newsom and Ringe, 30-39

Genesis 32:22-33

(due:  Nov 9th)

Week 10




Tuesday, Nov 14

Thursday, Nov 16

Law and Covenant

Law and Covenant


Exodus 19-40

Mann, 98-112

Fretheim, Exodus, 201-214, 246-252, 279-307

Brueggemann, 62-93 or Miller, 65-106


Week 11




 Nov 20-24

Thanksgiving Break




Week 12




Tuesday, Nov 28

Thursday, Nov 30

Law and Covenant

Law and Covenant

Leviticus 1-27

Fretheim, Pentateuch

Mann, 113-124

Newsom and Ringe, 40-48

P. Hanson, “Theological Significance of Contradiction within the Book of the Covenant”

Exodus 32: 7-14

(due:  Nov 28th)

Week 13




Tuesday, Dec 5

Thursday, Dec 7



Numbers 1-36

Mann, 125-142

Fretheim, Pentateuch

Brueggemann, 17-24,
  103-113, 163-170 or

Miller, 1-17, 97-128,
  160-177, 212-216


Week 14




Tuesday, Dec 12

Thursday, Dec 14


Deuteronomy 1-34

Fretheim, Pentateuch,

Mann, 143-161

Newsom and Ringe, 49-68

Leviticus 18:22; 20:13

(due:  Dec 14th)

Week 15




Tuesday, Dec 19





X.           Source Materials On the Pentateuch


I.  Commentaries:


                General:                One volume commentaries: Peake's; Jerome (rev. ed.); Woman’s Bible Commentary; Interpreter's; Harper's; Oxford.  Introductions to individual books in Interpreter's Dictionary and its Supplement; Anchor Bible Dictionary; Eerdman’s Bible Dictionary.


                Genesis:                R. Alter. Genesis: A New Translation with Commentary, 1996.

                                                J. Baldwin, Genesis 12-50, 1983 (Tyndale).

                                                T. Brodie, Genesis as Dialogue: A Literary, Historical and Theological Commentary, 2001

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