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Paul, whose Hebrew name was Saul,  was born in Tarsus, a city in what today is southern Turkey. His parents were Jewish, although one of them had Roman citizenship (Acts 22:25-28).

Context: Tarsus is a city in what today is southern Turkey. It lies on a coastal plain along a navigable river that provided access to the Mediterranean coast. North of the city rise the Taurus mountains. The road near Tarsus led through a pass known as the Cilician Gates to the interior of the country. A Greek coin from Tarsus, showing the head of a goddess, is pictured above. In Roman times the city was the meeting place of Anthony and Cleopatra. It also became an important center for the study of philosophy. Paul was born in Tarsus but received at least some of his education in Jerusalem (Acts 22:3). To see the sights in Tarsus click here.

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