Charges at Corinth



Paul's opponents at Corinth denounced him before Gallio, the leading Roman administrator at Corinth. Since the issues had to do with Paul's relationship to the Jewish law, Gallio refused to take action against Paul.

Pictured above is Corinth's "bema," the platform where a person in authority would sit when hearing legal cases. Acts says that when Gallio refused to take action, Paul's opponents beat a man named Sosthenes, who was an official in the synagogue. Gallio again refused to take action. The implication of this account is that Christians were not lawless, but their opponents were. After working at Corinth for a year and a half, Paul left through the port at Cenchreae. He stopped briefly at Ephesus, then traveled to Caesarea, Jerusalem, and Antioch. Afterward he would return to Ephesus for a longer period of ministry.

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